Expo Milano


Been there!

To find out more about the future of our food,  sate your curiosity and quench your thirst for knowledge, you had to meet us at the Belgian pavilion of the World Exhibition! This is where you could find information about the experiments and solutions developed in Belgium for alternative food production, in response to the questions raised by the theme of the Expo: ‘Feed the planet’. It was truly a future-oriented space dedicated to techniques for the production, among which ‘Native cooking’ was presented as a part of the solution.

In June, we proposed appetizers prepared by Cuisine sauvage (a non profit organisation dedicated to the wild plants cooking) and Ludovic Vanackere, chef at the restaurant L’Atelier de Bossime in Namur (B.)

Ail des ours pour Milan  Lionel Raway et Ludovic Vanackere

Wild garlic pesto, goat cheese & Bread crums – Ludovic Vanackere (L’Atelier de Bossime) & Lionel Raway (Cuisine sauvage)

Thanks to the help of the Awex, BEP and Province de Namur.

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(http://expomilano2015.be/ or http://www.expo2015.org/)

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